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I'm gonna take the blunt approach on this, but if you don't have samples, then why even do the show? I would bet that you will get almost every bride/guest/vendor asking "where are your samples?"I know that after doing several shows and hearing the same questions ALL THE TIME it can be a pain, but remember that this is a whole new crop of brides who don't know that they are asking thesame questions as the former-brides-to-be.I always bring enough extra samples for...
When I did mine, I used 2 10 inch rounds, 2 8 inch rnds, and 2 6 inch rounds cut them in half, then set them sidebyside for the body. then I carved and shaped as needed. I also used RKT for the feet and the start of the tail. I did a practice carve with some extra rounds to be sure I had the size right.
while its a bummer that you won't be getting paid for your talents for a while, please feel free to share some things that might help people looking to open a shop. It is sometimes better to hear these things from people who have "loved and lost" than those currently "livin' it up"
different product, so I don't see a problem.Have you thought about seeing if the cupcake shop wants to sell your goods in their store?
Ok, so I just got this email... and I'm pretty sure its a scam, just given the language and the fact that my company doesn't really offer gift baskets --also, what the heck does he mean.. 5 units?? Hello, With regards to your services and products,I am Rev Chris and would like to place an order for the items listed below. Gift Basket 60 pcs with chocolate,cookies, biscuit and cakes for each basket $50 per Basket. Church anniversary cake white and blue 5 units boxed...
I'd suggest sending a PM to IndyDebi. She closed her business almost a year ago, different reasons, but same process.Aside from looking into someone buying the business, what about taking on a partner? Might it be possible that there is a decorator in your area who might want to take over the business, but maybe keep you on?Also, you mentioned you've been open for a year.... what were your figures like for the year? is this just a tough time of year (i know it is for...
don't you know, Debi is actually a cake robot that never sleeps I do send a copy of the contract with my brides after the tasting. I don't have a problem getting them back, although sometimes they do forget so we have to fill out a new one. I'd say its pretty even between mail, email and hand delivery.
Please note that this is not directed at the OP, but everyone in general This is a prime reason to build your brand from the get-go. Your brand is not your website, or even your company name. It is the overall package of your business. Are you sophisticated, whimsical, funky, edgy, romantic ,etc. Once you have this, then you can build your business cards, website etc to fit this "feel" This does take more time and effort, but it is well worth it.
yes, you can get the tri fold big enough for 4 tier cakes. mine is just about 3 feet tall. sorry that the pics didn't attach-- whats going on with that by the way?--
this is the backdrop I use. its a tri-fold posterboard that I got at michaels and then I used some velcro to attach fabric. The nice thing is that it folds away for easy storage and it only weighs about 1 pound.
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