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Would you mind telling us the name of your business so that we can see what, if any, changes should be made?Also, is it possible to hire someone to make the cookies/other desserts?
for a building, I'd probably put the sides on as separate panels to reduce the stretching.....I've got the brick mat from Earlene's website, and it works wonderfully. I find that if I leave my fondant a little bit thicker than normal, I get a great impression.Also, you could cover the cake first, then use the impression mat. I've had success with that method too.
wow- talk about bringing up a post from the past!! I'm so glad so many of you like the cake, but you really must direct the compliments to Auntie Ra Ra-- I totally copied her idea (with her permission, of couse)To answer a few of the questions:, yes, they were round dummies I used, this one was a 6,8,10 round. Yes, I did use toothpicks to attach the cake bites.I'd be more than happy to answer any other questions- ask away...
try sitting eye level with the top of your cake when scraping the icing off the top- that usually does it for me!
I use paypal occasionally without any sort of problems. It's possible that the email goes to the spam folder, so it might be getting missed.
yep, same as cake balls, just a different name for marketing purposes.
So about 3 weeks ago we had to do 3000 (yes, that's 3 0's ) Cake Bites for two Cake Bite weddings on the same weekend. Now, after calculating our Christmas orders, we have another 3000-4000 due by the 18th for various customers who are giving the Cake Bites as gifts to their corporate clients. I'll be quite ready for a break.
Yeah for you!!!!
after looking at the two sites you mentioned, I'd guess that they went ahead and got permission. The copyrighted cakes are from companies that would be more likely than say, Disney or Nickelodeon, to give permission. As others have said, I've gotten permission from several companies including beverage companies, purse companies, schools and universities. It just takes time to ask.
the cottage food law has nothing to do with taxes. Check with the IRS and the Ohio dept of revenue to be sure. Also, does your state require you to collect sales tax on the items you sell? If so, then a Tax ID is definitely necessary.
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