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Always give some to someone who will be at the reception (event planner, head server). I will also give some to the DJ if they are already there. MANY times they will overhear the compliments and business card requests.I wouldn't leave them on the table unless someone specifically asked.
If it were me, I'd want to have that separate space, if I had the option. It would make it easier for me to take time off (what's that again??) and separate the work from the personal.
RUN FROM THIS PLANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A good planner does not upcharge her vendors. The bride pays the planner separately for their services. This planner is basically "double-dipping"Now, I have planners that I work with that I might offer a slight discount, or a little something extra because of the business they bring my way, but that is totally my discretion and NOT something the planner tells the bride to expect. At this point, politely explain that this is...
I thought about a wedding cake, but they usually go with more of a birthday/event theme.... I just need a few themes/ideas to get me started. It doesn' even have to be an idea for the cake, just something to get me started..... I know one show was Dr Suess.....but obviously I wouldn't want to do that....anyone....bueller, bueller.......bueller...
So, I've been contact by food network for season 8 challenges, sent them my paperwork, cake pics and audition tape. So far, so good. I'd like to do a trial cake- 3ft tall in 8 hours, but I can't decide on a theme/idea. Would my fellow CC'ers mind planting a few seeds in my brain? (well, my virtual brain, anyhow!)Thanks in advance!
I have a blodgett double stack convection oven. i found it on Ebay for $800 (retails around $5k)LOVE IT!!
If they insist, tell them that they can bring more than 4, however there are only enough chairs for 4 people. If they decide that the extra person stands, so be it. If, however, you have the gut PITA feeling, cut them loose now! That is my new year's resolution. Every bride that I had the gut feeling about, turned around and tried to bite me in the a@@!!!
kimberly, it isn't the design of the cake that is copyrighted, but rather the specific elements, such as the colts horseshoe or coach logo. Typically, when designs are in books/mags with step-by-step instructions, the understanding is that they are meant to be reproduced.
they have been a great seller for me this year!! I discovered them last year. I kinda wonder how long they have been around.
While I don't think it would be necessary to change, if you want to, then costume's right, go with a transitional tag for a few months (maybe even a year), then drop it all together.
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