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I wouldn't think you would want to set the cake right on the fabric, the buttercream would leave an oily residue on the fabric.
I always use plywood, it works great, nice and sturdy! I cover it with shelving paper and it wipes right off.
Thanks for all your input, guess I'll keep the one I received!
Well, the reason I asked was because I was trying to figure out myself what the differance was and which one I would prefer. I have a slow cooker that comes off the base, it always burns things, the lid doesn't fit tight and I'm very displeased with it. MIL bought me another slow cooker for my birthday and I was wondering if I should try this one or return for a crockpot. Just needed a little input from the pros.
Crockpot or slow cooker and why?
My birthday was yesterday and guess what I FINALLY received??!?!! AN APRON!!! To make it even better DH and DS painted on the front of it to personalize it. I couldn't have asked for a better present!
rachelwelch? guess I'll bump ya seeings how welch is my maiden name!Good Luck!
My wonderful 7 yr. old says I always smell sweeeet. I guess that's a good thing!
Am I the only one who doesn't own an apron??So here's the question; apron or no apron?
After the last cake baking/decorating extravaganza DH came out to the kitchen as I was putting the final touch on the cake, he called our son out and declared that he was going to build a 'special cake room' just for Mommy so that they could find the real kitchen. I guess I'm a messy marvin when I bake. But isn't that part of the fun??
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