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I may be offered a position as a cake decorator and was asked about salary expectations during the interview. Since I've only done cakes for myself and I've never worked as a cake decorator for someone else, I'm not really sure what to expect. Does anyone know what the average salary is for a cake decorator in NYC?Thanks!
Another reason to torte is to verify that the cake has been cooked all the way through properly,
Don't forget to check if you have to add a sales tax to the delivery charges. Around my area the delivery charges have to be included when you are calculating the sales tax.
Yes, I would let everyone know that you've listened to customer feedback and taken steps to improve your recipe. Is there any way the bakery would allow a sign to be posted above some samples so that those that enter the business see it right away. Definitely post it on Facebook and Twitter as well.
On DC cupcakes, they added tonic water to their buttercream so that it glowed under backlight. Maybe that is what your friend was referring to.
Thanks for that last tip DeniseNH! I can't wait to try that.
Here is a vanilla custard recipe that I've used before with great results:
Red blingy top hat cake over a white cake with a blinged out 50 on it? Maybe the white cake can be carved into the shape of steps?
Darn, i wasn't notified that there were responses to my post. Thanks you both for responding. Unfortunately, Hawthorne and Mamaroneck are too far for me. I'm in northern NJ and I don't have a car.
If you can't get information from the birthday girl, just contact the person who asked you to make the cake and find out what they consider "crazy" and "extravagant."
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