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**cakeyouverymuch***  Thanks for the tip on viewing just my cakes - would prefer just to have to click on "my cakes" to see all my cakes (like it use to be) but guess this is better than nothing!
I too am not getting notified if someone has left a comment on my photos - even though everything is checked in my profile page on preferences...also, is there a way to get my photos out of albums on my photo page?  It is so cumbersome trying to see if I had already posted a picture or not and have to click on what album I think I might have loaded it in...thanks!  Lisa
Thanks!  I'll wait it out   Love the site too much to not!  One other issue -- well actually two other issues:  1. my profile picture was there this morning but is now gone - just a red X in it's place.  Also, under my fav photos - it says 800 unique favs (or something like that ) but doesn't let you click on it or tells what it is??? Glad to see all the pictures I had saved in my favorite photos still there but all the cakes I've made are gone     Lisa 
Also, why does it say I'm a "newbie" when I've been a member for 5 years?  It also says I only have one post....I"ve had 100's of posts...????  Do I need to start over and create a new profile?   thanks!   Lisa
Hi,   None of the cakes are mine in my photo gallery...there's lots of photos there but absolutely none of them are mine!  How do I remove them and where are my photos???   Thanks-   Lisa
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