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Ive got one, but i dont use it too often! I actually forget that i have it everytime i go to make a cake! Oh well! But now that i see cakes can fall off, i will have to be careful! Thanks Everyone!!!
Last year, my cousin got married. I was surprised not to see a cake! Instead, they had this huge arrangement of yogurt and fruit and toppings, etc... It doesn't sound that elegant in words, but it really was. Chocolate covered strawberries and such... I thought it was definately different, but they weren't big fans of cake so it worked!! Everyone seemed to enjoy it!
I LOVED the wilton courses! I took all three classes, I just finished in December and it was soooo fun! They are actually having a course 4 now in February where I live, which i will most likely be taking. I would really recommend it, especially if you don't have anything else to do! Dont worry about being artistic because i am the worst drawer in the world... It's fun because you can put your own style into things... You should really take the classes!!!!
Thank you both so much! I was told the premade wilton stuff tastes terrible, so i didnt want to use it... but if you know of a brand that tastes pretty good, please let me know! I would much rather buy it than make it!
I have been having trouble finding a "Good" fondant recipe. I tried making wilton's traditional rolled fondant, which was a nightmare. I was much too dry. I tried making MMF, which was a lot easier, but too sticky to work with. Also, my wilton instructor told me that i needed to put gum-tex into the mixture, to make it more pliable, which is understandable. The problem is that every recipe i find doesn't say to use it, so i don't even know how Much to add if i were to...
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