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Thank you for this contract. It's very thorough and covers all the basics. 
Good Morning Ladies!   Thanks for your replies! I did give her a partial refund and a discount on a future order yesterday. She paid me in advance so I didn't make her pay me on the spot.    I just know that for now on, if I have 2 orders at the same time and if one literally 2 hours from my home and the other one in town, I will be sure the one in town gets theirs first. I underestimated Sunday's highway traffic.    Luckily, my customer was very...
Greetings! Have any of you ever been 2 hrs late to a venue due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances? If so, how did you handle it? Did you offer a refund or discount? I had 2 deliverers yesterday. The 1st one was at11am and the venue was a little over 2 hrs away The 2nd event wasn't due to start until 3. Long story short, I made the 1st venue on time, but wad 2 hrs late for the 2nd venue due go heavy traffic (accident) . I kept all lines of communication open with my...
Thank you both so much for replying. Bride said she does not like seashells. Any more suggestions?
I had to add this picture in a different post b/c my photos keeps multiplying. Attached is a picture of the wedding invitations~
Greetings,I have a bride that is getting married and she initially wanted Mexican-themed cupcakes with taco, cactus, sombrero, guacamole/chips, & chili pepper toppers. Now she wants me to incorporate a beachy, carribean, theme as well, including her wedding invitation design which is pink/white damask (it's very pretty). I'm just not sure how it will all look with all of these different designs. Her top cake is to have a Mexican scarf. Can you CCer's offer me some ideas?...
This is such a late response, but I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that responded. HUGS! I never received any notifications and I forgot about my question. The bride wants a 3 tier offset square wedding cake instead of 5 tiers. Her wedding is 30 days away. I'm eager and nervous at the same time. It's going to be 14, 10, 6" squares all 4" tall. Wish me luck.
Greetings,I just wanted to show you the end result of the cake I made for my customer.
Hello!There is an option to delete our photos. You have to click on the photo you want to delete. Once you do that, look up top and you will see the delete option along with other editing options. HTH
I always take photos with my android and in order for me to upload photos here, I have to email myself pictures then save it on my computer and then post it here. Facebook, photobucket & cakes we back, just to name a few, all have personal email address options for photo uploads via our phones. Can you please create this option for us? Thanks!
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