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Thank you
Thanks so much 
I let it set over night and it was still charcoal should I just add more black and wait?
I have tried to get a black royal icing and the best I get is a deep charcoal gray can anyone help with this I know others do it.  Any help is appreciated. Thanks 
I would just provide the client with a label. That is your customer. I just took a class on the cottage food law a couple weeks ago and It has some touchy thing on how to go about the labeling on situations like this. And they made very clear that it would depend on what they are being used for If you tell me is it a bride a donation or what the situation is I can probably help a little more.
I am in the middle of coloring some MMF and don't have enough of my americolor gel paste can I possibly use my candy color? Or will it affect the fondant I need to color quite a bit so I don't want to ruin a whole batch. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
Thanks dawnybird that was what I was thinking just never did one like this. And I was not sure how many animals or colors I was going to use I keep changing my mind. Thank You
I am making a farm cake and i need to have several different colors. Should I separate and put colors in immediately or can I color it as needed this is my first attempt with the so many fondant colors and pieces? Thanks
I make the wilton cookie tree kit for the first time today! Of course I used my own little flair on them made 2 one for each of my youngest kids class. Any idea on what some of you may charge for one of these. I had 3 calls tonight about them. Thanks for replies.
Is any one approved to send items over seas to our soldiers serving ?
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