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I just did a dark chocolate fudge cake w/ a peanut butter mousse fill. (both recipes found here) w/ mmf and it was a HIT!!!!!! everyone said it tasted like a reeses cup! i don't like pb very much so i didn't try it. had my fiance taste test and he said the same thing! ENJOY!!!
I always use WASC if i do a white cake (never tried the other versions) i use kakeladi's recipe. and i usually do a Strawberry Mousse type fill. Everyone LOVES IT!!!!!! I usually use DH in mine. Good luck!
I've had inquiries from someone about doing a cupcake "tower" with the anniversary cake on top. well i don't have a stand and i know i can buy one but here's my question.... How do i pass on my cost? I mean i can't just straight charge her an extra $100 for a stand that i didn't have just cause she wants it and then i can use it for everyone else can i??? Or do i just have to suck up the cost. first time with this situation so just wondering! Thanks!!!! ruby
Oh i love the litter box cake! it's actually very good and it can be made to look VERY REAL!!! Have fun!
for some reason my chocolate cake wants to take to long to bake so the top gets a little overdone. well i noticed the last time that my cake on the inside had a kind of burned taste. I baked a white cake the same day w/ no problem. i bake at 325. i haven't been using my baking strips cause i just haven't seen a differance in the "dome" but maybe that would help w/ other stuff??? Thanks! ruby
just read reviews on the kids version and they weren't very good. like sucked bad! LOL maybe that's why it took me a while to find it??? so i looked and the reviews for the next one up on the totem pole was much better. cost a little more ($49) might be able to find one on ebay for less. have fun if you decide to go this route!!!!
not sure when you need it by, but if you can't find cotton candy, you can buy the little makers to make it yourself. they have them for kids. i think hobbylobby or michaels MIGHT carry them, if not look online at amazon or ebay! have fun!
i never thought of that! lol it's still delic and i guess i've always had cakes that go with it! lol no wierd flavor combos. will keep in mind though for the future!
I use the True Black MMF recipe here on the board! it comes out BLACK but just like reg fondant and tastes like chocolate!!!! YUMMY!!!! i'd knead in more ps! good luck!
Thanks bashini!!! that's a good one! bookmarked it!also pm'd tonedna and flowerguy because theirs are absolutely lifelike and gorgeous! ruby
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