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i have certainly learned a lot from this experience. but that is what gives you the experience to know what to do the next time. thanks everyone for the advise. i appreciate everyone on cc.
I baked a three tier cake for my grandaughters third birthday. I had to travel around 125 miles to the party. I used dowell rods and boards to support the cake. that part seemed to work well. when I placed the cake in the suv, i placed it in the back. i used the non skid shelving foam. the board that I sat the cake on did not move but the main bottom layer of cake was on a cardboard cake board that sat on the wooden board. the cake actually slid from the wooden board...
wow that cake turned out great!!
I have used the petal shaped pan ( the dancing daisy ). all i used on it to prep it is shortning and flour and it works well.
the videos that edna has on utube are wonderful, I have learn so much from watching them.
Thank you indydebi for that wonderful idea. so far every picture i have in my portfolio is actually cakes i have made, but i love to experiment with all diifernt shapes and colors.
are you talking about sams club buttercream? what is the size of the bucket? what is the cost? i didn't even know they sold it!!! thanks
congratulations on the new store. best of luck!! love the name!!!
you have 17 cakes to bake! is that in one week? and do you bake and sell from home?
i think that is a wonderful idea. you won't know if you don't give it a try. and if the first time does not go well, you can look back and know what to do to make your second show go even better. I live in a rural area where there are no cake clubs. I would love to start one. you can learn so much from other people.
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