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I am planning on making a topsy turvey cake and have watched Sharon's DVD. Did a small practice one and it was fine, used chocolate. My question is this. The girl that I'm doing the cake for wants:14" chocolate10" white6" chocolateDoes this seem ok to work with? I thought that you needed a really dense cake, but she does not want sponge cake at all. Like I said, the chocolate worked fine for my practice cake but it was much smaller. Just a little concerned.Any...
Thanks for your reply. I have Sharon's Topsy Turvy DVD and she uses straws, but man, that still makes me a bit nervous. I am traveling a short trip to deliver this cake and like all of us, don't want a disaster.Since I've always used SPS, I just wondered.Thanks again-Melissa
Can you use thre SPS system when making a topsy turvy cake?ThanksMelissa
You're right. It's just that the manual shows a different adjustment knob. So confusing. But just pop the one that comes with the Circut and you're al set.Melissa
That is good to hear. I ordered some for an upcoming baby shower and I'm anxious to try it on my cakes. But-- I also got my Cricut Cake yesterday and I can't wait to try it out. Believe it or not-- that's what I'm gonna do on Mother's Day.Melissa
Looks so great. I agree with just practicing, just takes time.Melissa
Posted this here as well. For those of you who receive your machine and wonder why the blade assembly differs from the manual here is what I found out. If you go to this will show you the correct picture of the blade assembly. It is the one that is included with the machine.Only trying to help because I was confused. Thanks to the others who helped as well. They need to update their manual!!!Melissa
OK- I found the answer. Searched shows the CORRECT picture for the blade assembly that comes with the machine. Thanks goodness. I hope this helps anyone that was scratching their head like me!!!!!!!!!!!!Melissa
P-Thank you sooooo very much for your explanation. You guys rock at helping answer questions. I just love this place. Looks like I'm ok along with another gal who posted the same question. I'll keep reading up on this though. Interesting.))))Melissa
Debster-Looks like we posted the same questions on different places! Ha! Seems like we're not nuts after all. So-- mine is just white like you explained, no nunbers, etc. Man- I am not very happy at this point.Let me know what you think but I guess this is how it comes, it's just that the manual was not updated.Melissa
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