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I am wondering how I would make clear sugar hearts for decorations on wedding cupcakes. Not quite sure about this one.Any ideas?Thanks!Melissa
Thank you all- I just love this place, always someone to help out. I'll check out all the ideas!Melissa
I am in the beginning stages of working with my daughter on her wedding cake. Her dress towards the bottom is layer after layer of very soft, light ruffles. Well-- the light bulb went on for an idea for her cake. I would like to know how to make this ruffle. There will be 3 glass tiers that will hold cupcakes and then her cake. I would love to put the ruffle underneath the first tier of her cake.Any ideas??As always--ThanksMelissa
I am wondering if there is some kind of trick for this one. I love the look of the ribbons criss crossing each other on a cake. My first try, the ribbon kept slipping.It seemed like maybe the cake wasn't perfectly round, but perfect doesn't really exist when making cakes, so thought maybe someone had an idea.Thanks!Melissa
As always- thanks for the answers!Melissa))
I am wanting to learn how to fill a cupcake with lemon or raspberry filling. thanks!Melissa
I'm half way done making the loops. Soooo much easier to do! I adjusted the length of the bows because I'm doing just a 6" cake.I'll post a picture in a week or two.Thanks so much-- I just love this place!Melissa
Having a really great idea for decorating a cake and planning it out in my head................then nothing workds out and everything changes. I hate that! But at the same time it makes me think on my feet fast!Oh-- I agree with the clean up too!Melissa)))
Seems like I've seen a lot of pictures but of course can't find one now. I love the look where they take the fondant and gently pleat it on the cake board. Melissa
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