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Hi all-You know what they say, practice makes perfect. Just wanted to share my experience I had this past weekend when I made 150 cupcakes for my daughter's wedding. Hopefully someone will learn from me.Since their wedding was on a Fri. evening, I baked the cupcakes Thurs. morning with the help of a friend. All went great! Since there were so many I wanted them to stay fresh and away from any accidents, so I put them in the cupcakes carriers from Costco. When I got up...
Just curious-- I have a cake dummie that I really wish was a smaller size. Is there a way to cut it down to the size I want?Thanks!Melissa
Never tried this, but wanted to get some help and advice. I want to make a hand out of gumpaste. The shape I want would be a hand that is holding a ball, about the size of the Wilton sports ball pan.Thanks.Melissa
Wilton site has one recipe. Just be patient with working with it, takes time and some practice I've found. Melissa
I have to agree with you about the Fondant on cupcakes; there is just something about it that doesn't seem right.Melissa
Good to know. I think I'll do some this week. I'm doing my daughter's wedding on the 24th, so I need to nail down my ideas. I am so excited!I'll post my results and let you know.Melissa
I make it. It is sweet, but goes great with sugar cookies. I just don't think that Fondant goes with cupcakes, but wondered about the rolled buttercream.
I have done hundreds of cookies using rolled buttercream and just love how it is to work with and the taste.Has anyone here used it on cupcakes? Just not sure. Maybe I'll give it a whirl but wanted to ask.Thanks!Melissa
Sorry you are havng to deal with this! I didn't read every reply, but maybe she'd like to take a piece home along with the one that I would have loved to smash in her face!) Just kidding.Good luck!Melissa)
Thank you ladies. I found a post that mentioned modeling chocolate.Melissa
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