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Great ideas. That's why I love this place!Melissa
Good idea. Thanks!Melissa
Anyone have any tips for mass producing 100 or so "minnie mouse" bows for cupcakes? I know how to make large bows, but need to be done without spending too much time.Melissa
I read somewhere on here a long time to preheat at 400 and then bake at 350. Works perfect for me!Melissa
I just about flipped yesterday when I saw it. Did a little shopping at Williams Sonoma and there it was right in my face!It is sooooo nice, candy apple red too! But--- very expensive. Just wondered if any CCer's had see it yet!Melissa)))
Just royal icing on rolled buttercream. Sometimes they stay, sometimes they don't. Could it be the consistency of my icing?Thanks!
I was wondering if anyone has some handy hints about piping dots on cookies. Is there a way to make sure the dots don't fall off? Thanks as alwaysMelissa
FYI- Michael's has some great coupons out there! I took the one for 50% off last night and got the Wilton Melting Pot half off. It was for any baking product!Happy Me!Melissa
Wishing you luck if you decide to do it. I did my daughters just a few weeks ago. It's of planning but when I walked in that room and saw what I made I cried. They loved it and it was just the best.
Hi all-You know what they say, practice makes perfect. Just wanted to share my experience I had this past weekend when I made 150 cupcakes for my daughter's wedding. Hopefully someone will learn from me.Since their wedding was on a Fri. evening, I baked the cupcakes Thurs. morning with the help of a friend. All went great! Since there were so many I wanted them to stay fresh and away from any accidents, so I put them in the cupcakes carriers from Costco. When I got up...
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