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That is so great! I will be thinking of you. I am not too far from you, in Antioch, lived in Vallejo years ago!Best of luck.Melissa
Thanks! Those are so cute. Pretty much what I was looking for.Melissa
Thanks everyone for your help. I love the side by side heart!I've never made my own-- but I think I might give it a try.Melissa
I think I saw it on
I had thought about that. There aren't many pictures of these cookies. I use rolled buttercream and I want them to be fairly easy.Melissa
Hi-Any suggestions where I might find a tuxedo cookie cutter? I have found one but it is just so big. Looking for something a little smaller.Thanks!Melissa
Looking for the textured fondant rolling pins-- anyone have a good source?Thanks
Maybe someone can help. Where is the best place to get these? Basically I want these for the rolled buttercream for my cookies.Thanks!Melissa
I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your feedback. I'll stop by there today and ask to talk to the instructor. I didn't realize that it depended on the teacher. I can understand that they want you to understand the basics.Thanks again.Melissa
ok- thanks. She was pretty insistant that everyone had to have Course 1 first and very nasty at that! I feel that I would be ok, been doing cakes and cookies for a long time, just wanted some more experience - no biggie.Thanks again.
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