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Edwards cake supply in Modesto. Melissa
I love mine.    Melissa
I'll give that a try.  I just don't want a purple color.   Thanks Melissa
Can anyone help me with getting a Slate Blue color using Americolors?   Thank you Melissa
Do I need to use a heating core with their 10 inch x 3 inch round pan?   I've always used it before with my regular pans but not sure about this.   Thanks! Melissa
Can anyone tell me how to use these pans to make a stacked cake?  I'm confused because the pans are a contured shape.  Since they have a rounded edge I guess that's why it doesn't make sense to me.     Thanks melissa
I really hope this all works out for you!  So many things to think about it seems.   I've been thinking of starting out too.  I've been baking for about 23 years and I think I could make a go of it.  Small, baby steps that is.   Could you share exactly how you got all the paperwork started?  I've had a lot on the Cottage Law and just wondering where to start.   Best of luck to you!   Melissa
Did some searching but couldn't find my answer.   Sounds weird but I've made this a bunch of times and have always used all of it.  This time I have some leftover and am wondering how to store it.  I thought I read to keep it in a cool dry space.  Also, how long will a batch last?     Thanks
Hi all-   FYI- just did a trail run for a baby shower this weekend.    Used 1/4 cup batter in these cups.  I did put them in a cupcake pan too.  Preheated to 400 then to 350 to make the "dome".  Baked about 13 minutes.   Just wanted to share as haven't baked in these before.   Melissa      
Did a wedding this past Sat. and the bride just wanted cupcakes with a small cake for her and the groom. No problem--- ha ha ha!!!I'm maybe not the most experienced person at covering a cake with fondant but I'm not bad. I'll tell you I tried 4 times and it was horrible. It just kept getting very tiny little holes in it. So finally- I just thought-- I need to do something else. Used Sugarshack's buttercream that I had done the cupcakes and crumb coat in and it turned...
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