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The links from the frozen cakeballs template is not available any more.  Does anyone have the templates? I want to make these for my granddaughters birthday next month.
If you have a Publix they will print one for you as long as it is not licensed. The one in Nashville charges $8. Some cake supply companies will print them too.
I have done several FBT's on the top of a cake. Is it hard to get a FTB on the side of a tiered cake?
Hey! Sorry you panicked on your first phone order. I am a hobby baker only but wanted to offer you encouragement. Maybe you should have put them on hold for a minute and taken a deep breath to calm yourself and then taken that order. Or even said I am not at my appointment book at the minute. Let me call you back in 5 minutes and see if I can help you. You can do it. I am sure. Good luck for your future orders.
I surcured my turrents with melted candy. It held very well. I had buttercream icing too. I actually had room in my fridge to put it in there after using the candy melts for the ones on the board for just a couple of minutes. I did this one for my granddaughter and we took the cake to the park. I put a small kids folding table in the back seat of the car and I sat back there to help hold it on the table and hubby drove. We had a car full and it made it with no problems.
I think the little baby mold would be perfect for the cake. You could add you are going to be a grandmother in x amounts of months. Something along those lines. Put the baby on a green or yellow blanket since they probably don't know the sex yet. I just welcomed my 6th grandchild on Friday. Haven't had time to do a cake (dd probably wouldn't eat it anyway).
I have 8 birthdays from middle of Aug to first of Oct. They are both grown-ups and kids. A couple of years ago, I had one large dinner party for all of them and I did a small cake for each of them. I did something different for each cake and they took them all home. We all shared my mil's ice cream cake at the dinner party. It was fun, but a lot of work. I always want each person to have their own birthday cake.
Cool!!! Way to GO! You do great work. That is a hugh compliment to be on the internet.
Do you have the book?
I did a yo gabba gabba cake for my granddaughter's 3rd birthday in Sept. I molded the 5 characters out of rkt and covered them in fondant. I also made the boom box and did 2 tier cake for all of them. She loved it. I attached a link.
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