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Thank you i dont want to seem like a bi*** but it would be nice to be recognized thats all I'm saying
I know that i shouldnt be annoyed and yes I post my pics so everyone can view and even give tips when people PM me. I just cant help but admit that I am annoyed by it. I know that no idea is actually an original but still just bothers me a bit. Maybe I am flawed in that way.
OK so I know that copying someone is the highest form of flattery but it is really annoying to come to the home page and see a design you came up with staring you in the face with no recognition that it came from you. I know that I shouldn't be so annoyed and should just let it slide but I am and i just need to get this off my chest. I never copy someone elses design outright. I always try to come up with my own twist or artist view point. OK Im done now I feel better.
Thanks for your replies. I ended up using confectioners glaze. wow that stuff is sticky and you dont want to get it on your hands. Anyway I used it on my jewelry cake that is in my photos. I really wanted the jewelry to look real and I think that the shiny effect achieved that.
you can also lay the wire in the mold before you are pour the isomalt then after it sets up the wire is already running throught the gem
I love this cake from the the pink cake box
I really need to know how to make my fondant shiny and keep it shiny. I am making jewelry for a cake and it has to have a shellacked looking finish. I know I have seen post about how to do this but I don't have time to look for them. Also I know i could paint the fondant with piping gel to achieve this look but Im looking for a less messy way to do it. Any advive would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
The two mediums I might think to use would be rice paper or sugar veil wings
guildcraft styrofoam cake dummies will produce any shape you want and you can have it shipped to your house. i have found their prices to be very reasonable
I would cover the cakes in blue or red fondant. Then I would measure the sides of the cakes and dry panels of fondant with tylose. When you make the panels cut the desired shapes out of the cake and then place somewhere to dry for 1 -2 days. You want the panels to be stiff but still able to be cut if needed. Then line up your panels and cut off excess to match up sides.
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