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I just opened my business but I don't charge anywhere near that for stands. I charge different prices for each stand depending on the cost to replace. I just started my business but I charge between 20% - 30% of the cost of the piece. Of course it they break the equipment they have to pay the full price of the piece plus the rental fee. HTH
This is why I love this site, so many helpful people!
Thank you so much! You are awesome!
Thank you for your comments. I did consider changing the name of my business when I decided to do rentals. I have owned the domain name now for many years since I orginally wanted to start a bakery. I am not sure how to make it more clear that we rent cakes since my tagline is custom cake and supply rentals. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you everyone for all of your help esp mamabaer. It is hard to see what is wrong when you are reading it yourself. You are welcome to "steal" the idea since I know I am not the first person to do this!
I know we are off topic but oh well! We are thinking about fostering but I fear we will end up with a bunch of dogs. (we have two already only one gs) I always love how she always looks like she is smiling brings a smile to my face
Most of the pictures filed under past designs are real cakes that I have made for families and friends. However everything that i will be offering to the public will be fake.
@Jody130 No I do not provide anything edible. In Maryland and especially in my county it is very hard to start a bakery and I just don't have the funds to do it right now. This is a way for me to share my love of cake decorating and hopefully down the road I will be able to open a bakery. @sweetaudrey Thank you we love our baby girl and support the local German Shepherd rescues in our area. We love all dogs!
Thnka you so much for the advice! I will make some updates.
Oh also I had a photgrapher take most of the photos for the website so anything that says coming soon is because I am waiting to get the pictures back. All other photos are from my own collection.
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