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Did you ever find an answer?  I want to try the pink lemonade mix!
I was thinking the same thing!  I usually do a form of WASC for most of my cakes and was wondering if I should add more lemon flavor or maybe sprite for the liquid to keep the flavor when adding the extra ingredients.  Or more pink?  I also thought maybe some strawberry or lemon jello?  Anyone played around with the new mix?
Thank you for responding.  I never trust myself to make straight lines....on cake, paper, jack-o-lanterns, anything!  Seems that everyone's eye is much better than mine!
Hey there! I have been asked to make a Sock Monkey themed cake for a little boy's first birthday.   I sent the mother a few pictures from you wonderful Cake Central members and she choose this one.   My question--if I make this a buttercream cake with fondant accents, what is the best way to make those straight, broken black lines?  I don't know if I should imprint the buttercream and leave a dent.  Any ideas?   Thanks so much!
Thank you for your answer!BUT! With the success and exciting news that I am now expecting TWINS, I am just too exhausted to bake at the moment....and ended up calling Cold Stone and getting an ice cream cake!Done and done! Woo hoo!
My birthday is coming up this Monday! So that means.....time to test out a new recipe! I use myself as the guinea pig because if it doesn't turn out...I am the only one that is upset about it. Anyway--I have chosen Caramel Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting posted by newlywedws. Since I have never made it before, is brown sugar frosting something that can be used to decorate with at all or just to slather it on? I was thinking maybe just piping ruffles or the petal...
I made a great funfetti cake last month with just a butter wasc with a ton of sprinkles mixed in. Worked great. I think the boxed funfetti would be totally fine, but I like lots of sprinkles!
Probably a scam.And if it isn't, it is so darn confusing, I would be worried about understanding this person!
It looks great! Good for you for having the courage to take it apart and make it right! Your brother is lucky to have such a nice cake (and sister) at his wedding!
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