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Thanks TC!
I tend to agree with Bethola (I'm in the most southern tip of IN so our weather is exactly the same HOT and Wearable!!)I also like the look of the CT--maybe it's just b/c I like the navy color better!Good luck!!
I've been having trouble with my cake not wanting to release and losing a chunk out of the middle...Do you all take it out of the pan completely cool or slightly warm?TIA
I totally wimped out---she couldn't really tell me why she wanted 80's or what she really new about it...all she said was made 1/2 sheet white-iced in neon orage with neon pink, yellow and green polka dots and 1/2 sheet iced in neon pink with the other colors of dots---I wrote "Have, a, like, totally cool 13th birthday" on one and on the other I just put her name in really puffy letters across the cake.I also had to think about the fact that it's for a 13...
Thanks all!!! Off for more supplies--does it ever end???
What's the best way to achieve neon pink and orange?TIA
Thanks everyone!!! Tomorrow's the big day so we'll see what I can come up with!
Okay, so my niece wants an 80's theme for her "13th" birthday. Have you figured it out yet....she wasn't even alive in the 80s! So I'm having trouble figuring out what to do. She probably wouldn't understand alot of symbols, fads from the 80s....any suggestions?? TIA
Thanks for the lemon juice tip--I'll HAVE to try that!!!
Meringue powder!!!! YUCKO!!! I made RI tonight and thought I would lose it Just wondered if I was the only one or if it really does smell funky?
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