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There are a couple of new online sites in Canada, one is out West I and the other is in the GTA agree with the op it would be a good business to look into!
Hi!Are they using flowers? You could add crystals to the flowers like they do in bouquets. Or what about crystals on wires coming off the cake, you would have to cover the wires if going into the cake though.Good luck!
Hey KiddiekakesI'm not sure about grants but I went to my local CBDC and they gave me information on the programs available. I was qualified for a loan up to $25 000 interest and payment free for 13 months also I qualified for UI for 50 weeks. There are funds available for consultants for the admin side of the business and I may be eligible for a training grant.Not sure what's available in your province, I'm in New Brunswick but it's definitely worth checking out.HTH
Hi! L&M bakers supply in Toronto can get them for you. They don't keep them instock but they do order and ship to you. 416 665 3005 or 1 800 465 7361HTHDawnEdited for spelling!
No but I'm seriously thinking about it! I am in a small town and I have thought about evening classes for mini projects like the cookie wreaths, chocolate covered oreos, decorating cupcakes and such. I was also throwing around the idea of holding birthday parties for children. The closest Michael's is almost 3 hours away!
It's gorgeous! You did a fantastic job, you're being too hard on yourself.
I am truly sorry the search feature is not working for me! Try Antonia74 I am not positive but I think she did a tutorial. Otherwise I would do cake drums and dummies. If you check she has some examples. Good luck!
My fear being from a small town with few if any custom bakers is you get called for every bachelor/bachelorette and over 30 party cake. I wonder what my children would say lol!!! I say no thanks!
Fancy flours sells them in different colours! They are very cute.
Global Sugarart has a cutter/veiner, I love mine! HTH
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