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I too would like to know the difference is between the SPS system and Wilton's plates & Pillars??? I hadn't heard of them.
For more than a 2 or 3 tiered cake I would definitely not use the tea straws. Just my opinion. The wilton plastic dowels will give you much more support. I've also used the wooden dowels but if not inserted correctly they can lean into the cake and shift easier than the wilton plastic dowels. I hope this helps. The last thing you want is a cake falling or even leaning when it is 5 tiers. The tallest I've done is four so far. I used the wilton plastic dowels then under the...
I am wanting to make a cake that looks like the box for a wine bottle and has a wine bottle in it. I was going to use shaved white chocolate for the filling around the bottle and attempt a wood grain on the box. I thought I could use my 6 in round cake pans and then cut them in half. I need to feed about 40 people and I'm having a hard time figuring out what my cake dimensions should be for that amount of servings. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
I'm looking for a really moist cake using a pilsbury box cake mix and it may need to be refrigerated. I really don't know.I tasted it and that is all I know about it but it is very moist and tastes great!Please help!
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