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I lay tinted, rolled fondant on the cake board. Then I take a ruler (plastic) and laying it on its side make lines to resemble the boards. I then lightly cut irregular lengths into the boards. Take the end of a toothpick and lightly mark the fondant boards. Then wash the boards with a darker color so the color seeps into the wood grain you just placed on the boards. It is quite simple.
Are you wanting to make your own mold, Linda, or are you wanting to locate a "baby" mold to purchase. I believe there is a tutorial on CC for mold making. I've never done it myself as there are so many wonderful molds available for sale.
I used Indydebi's recipe for the first time yesterday and I have to admit I loved it. I am strictly a Swiss meringue buttercream person but with the heat and humidity I was having failure after failure. I will be using Debi's recipe until the weather cools down! Your cake turned out lovely by the way.
Thanks for posting this question, 1Joshua2. I really appreciate your response, Debbie. I purchased an Epson Workforce 30 and I've had issues with it but it is probably because I haven't been using it weekly. Is there a way to get the ink cartridges to begin working when you've not used the printer for a few weeks? I've tried cleaning the cartridges and the area where they mount in the printer but am still having issues.
Oh this post brought a smile to my face. I grew up on the West Coast and we had Entenmann's there. I loved those chocolate covered donuts. The icing was like wax, except tasty. My very favorite was the original Louisiana Crunch Cake. I think they changed the recipe to a low fat one in the 90's which totally ruined it.
I put a centered hole in each of the upper cake boards before I stack the cake. The center dowel is then inserted into the bottom tier and the upper tiers are then slid down onto the dowel .
Ditto on freezing. I put all of my cakes in the freezer for at least 8 hours or up to 3 days after baking. It makes the cake much easier to handle, torts nicely and there is much less crumb when flat icing the cake.
I'm so glad you posted this questions cherrycakes. I just got a request for a chocolate ganache with raspberry filling for this weekend. I wasn't sure what to do with it but the answers you received helped alot. Like mom2twogrlz I love the Hershey's recipe for chocolate cake. I don't use Hershey's cocoa any longer (gave it up many years ago) but I still use the recipe. The one with coffee, right mom2twogrlz? If that's the one, it is the most moist, tasty chocolate...
I made the donuts with bacon featured in the June issue and they were absolutely delicious. My customers loved them. The bacon filling recipe was so good that I even torted a chocolate groom's cake and filled it with the bacon filling which went over wonderfully. It's a great magazine.
Hmmm! After reading this post I realized that I have had the very same problem with my last few cakes which were both covered in Satin Ice. The cracking started immediately and on one of the cakes I had to replace the entire lower tier. I have used Satin Ice for a few years and never experienced this problem before. I thought it was me! Thanks so much for sharing this information. I, also will begin experimenting some. I have some Fondex which is much softer than...
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