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I am making a stacked clown cake, a 9 inch layer cake, a 8 inch layer cake, and a ball cake. I need to travel with it assembled, so I need to try putting a dowel rod through the center of the cake. How thick should the rod be?? How do I sharpen the point?? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!!
This picture is exactly what I mean! To me it looks like a double row of cupcakes with maybe one on top of another for the head and one turned to the front on its side for the snot. What about ears, icing or marshmallows?? What about the tale?? Any other suggestions????
Does anyone know how to make a puppy cupcake cake similiar to the one Wal-mart bakery makes??? I have a picture of a cute puppy with long hair and a bow. It looks to be cupcakes. Any instructions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
I am making a wedding cake in a few days. I want to bake ahead. I would like to try the press and seal method - wrap hot cake in press and seal, freeze, set out 10 minutes before unwrapping. My question is when can I torte the layers? Layers need to be frozen to cut. If I let the cake set out before I unwrap and cut the layers, the cake will be too soft to get a smooth cut. So, how do I do this???
Is it just me or has DH cake mix become unreliable? ? I have used DH for many years. It is the only mix I ever use. But lately it is not very good sometimes. One time it is wonderful, the next time it may have poor texture or not be what I call quality cake. I made one yesterday and the batter was liquidy. It had a June /'10 expiration date. It was not soft and fuffy like it is suppose it be. Have they changed formula again?? Have any of you having the same probem??
Thanks for everyone's response! DianeLM, so glad that you have a solution to this problem. I knew someone had to have an answer. Thank you so much for sharing.
Does anyone have a secret for keeping cupcake liners from curling in when the batter is put in? I find that pouring the batter into the center and using the better quality liners seem to help, but does not solve the problem completely. Does anyone else have this problem?
Does anyone know the best way to make a monogram topper? How do you get it to stand up securely? What is best to make it out of, fondant, gumpaste, other? I think the mongrams are so pretty used as a topper. Any tips or tutorial would be greatly appreciated!
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