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I have been baking cakes for a some time now. For two months, I have been having a problem with holes in my cakes baked using Ducan Hines cake mixes! What is it?? I do not have this problem with made-from-scratch cakes. I have never had this problem using DH cake mix. Do they have a new formula or something?? I always time my mixing process and use a low to medium speed. I have tried pouring batter in the center of the pan. I have tried tapping the pan on the...
I love little dots on cakes! They look so pretty on a cake. My question is how do you get them perfectly spaced?? I have heard of using a pizza pan with holes for the top of the cake, but what about the sides of the cake? Thanks in advance!
Need a fabulously delicious chocolate frosting recipe for a very special chocolate cake. I need to be able to smooth and decorate with it. I usually use Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Frosting with butter and vanilla. Does anyone have a recipe that is better? Has anyone used Madagascar vanilla in chocolate frosting? Thanks in advance!
Someone loves the smooth look of fondant, but likes the taste of buttercream. How can I make buttercream look like fondant??? Does anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!
What kind of base board is recommended when using a dowel rod through the center of a tiered cake?? I have tried two layers of heavy cardboard, but that does not work. Dowel will not go through plywood. How about the Wilton silver base? Does it hold the dowel securely?? Thank you in advance.
What ingredients do you find to be the BEST for EXCEPTIONAL cupcakes, such as the best vanilla, the best chocolate?? Master bakers please share your "secret" to making cupcakes special! Alot of cupcakes are good, I'm looking for FABULOUS WOW! Thanks in advance!
I want to learn how to make different figures, such as frogs, ducks, people etc. I have found a few here and there - internet, books. Can any of you suggest a good book or source for tutorials??? Thanks in advance.
Interesting. What is a few minutes?? Two, three, five???
I have tried putting coffee creamer in icing. It has a wonderful consistency, just like ice cream! But the creamer changed the flavor of my icing. I used original which I was hoping would not have a flavor. Does anyone know if there is a creamer that has no flavor or that would not change the flavor of my icing??? Thank you in advance.
Does anyone have the recipe for the White Almond Sour Cream Cake that does not add the flour?? I saw one somewhere, but I cannot locate where I saw it. I am actually making a yellow cake. The WASC cakes are very good, but I would like a very light cake as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you!
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