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Can anyone recommend a tool to cut Wilton's white plastic dowels?Thanks in advance!
Have a new 5 quart Kitchenaid mixer. I am having trouble with holes in my cakes! I did have a 4 1/2 quart. I always used #2 speed to mix when using a cake mix. Never had holes. Now, I have holes! I am wandering if the extra power may have something to do with it. What speed do you use? The manual says #4, but I can see the bubbles in the batter and sure enough have holes. So, I cut the speed down to #2. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks! I will give it a try.
Did anyone see the double heart cake on Cake Boss Monday night? I loved the design. It was two hearts side by side with roses down the center. What stood out to me was the cake on the right was raised up on the end where the two cakes joined. It appeared to be leaning on the other cake, but I wouldn't think it would actually the laying on the other cake. My question is how did they raise that portion of the cake?? Any suggestions??
Just wondering if any of you layer your sheet cakes? I noticed on Cake Boss that they put several thin layers for their sheet cakes. The ones I saw on Monday night's show were very large sheets with several thin layers. The cakes looked to be around the usual 2" in height.
Indyde, I searched for your cake recipe, but could not find it. What title is it under? How much dream whip do you add per box of cake mix? Is everything else the same?
I find that making, icing, and decorating a cake takes a lot of time especially if it is a tier cake. I'm on a search for ways to cut my time. Does anyone a time saving tip they would share? One thing that saves time for me is moving the cake in and out of the refrigerator/freezer to set the icing. Also having a good workable icing makes the icing process faster. Any tip would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Have a request for a 3 tier topsy turvy cake made with buttercream. Not sure of the sizes yet. Decorations are fondant lollipops and flowers on sticks with a number on top. My question is what do people charge for such a cake?? Thanks in advance!
Is white or german chocolate cake mix better to use when making a red velvet cake?? I have been asked to make a red velvet cake. I not sure what it is suppose to taste like. I have only tasted red velvet one time. It was when I made it with german chocolate cake mix. It was good, but nothing I would rave about, but then I don't have anything to compare it to. Or would it be better to make one from scratch? I have found several scratch recipes that sound good, but a...
Does anyone have a delicous, moist red velvet cake recipe that you would share?? I have to make a 2 tier cake this week for a special occasion.Thank you in advance!
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