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What is everybody doing to make the new Duncan Hines cake mix good???  The old Duncan Hines was moist and very good.   I know there is sour cream and pudding that can be added, but the quality in the mix just does not seem to be there.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thank You!
The big thing now is making the inside of the cake as interesting as the outside. So, I am experimenting with making each layer of cake a different flavor or alternating flavors, such as chocolate and vanilla or strawberry and vanilla. What flavors have you tried together??Thanks for you suggestions!
I have used Duncan Hines white classic cake mix for years. It was light and fluffy! But the new formula is a heavier, more dense cake. It is not even white white in color! I know many, many cake people use Duncan Hines. What is everybody doing?? Does anyone have a good alternative mix or scratch recipe???I have tried BC and Pillsbury mix in the past and neither compared to the old DH. Does anyone know of a commerical mix that is good and easily available? Any...
Need an idea for a sheet cake for a man's birthday. He is a farmer and he likes the Staints. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!!!
I mean the kind found in speciality shops. Just delicious cookies about 4" in size. Any flavor -- sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter for example.
I need to make some big gourmet bakery type cookies. Does anyone have a GREAT recipe for this type cookie that you would share? Or can you recommend a really good recipe book for this? This is for a special occasion, so I wanted them to be very delicious and soft! Thanks in advance!
Oh, thank you! I will look.
Oh, I was not aware of these rhinestones nor of the ribbon rhinestones. Thank you. I will check into these. However, for this cake I do not have time to order anything. I was hoping to come up with things I could get locally. How to the rhinestones taste?? Thanks again for the infomation!
I would like to put a lot of bling on a cake. I have seen shiny stones and rhinestones on cakes, but I'm afraid to use things that are not edible??? I know I can use glittery ribbon and rhinestone trims on the base board, but on the cake itself what do you use??? It is for a 20th birthday. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
When using more than one color icing in a bag, how do you fill the bag so that the colors do not get muddy?? When I use 3, 4, or even just 2 colors, the colors tend to blend together too much after just a few petals or swirls or whatever I am doing. Yesterday, I used yellow, orange, red, and brown in a bag. I used about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of each at a time in the bag. I made flowers and wanted to see the different colors on the petals. They turned out muddy. Any...
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