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If you have a Cash & Carry in your area they carry it. Don't order online becuase it's gonna cost you an arm & a leg to deliver that thing. It's usually sold in 50lb so shipping is ridiculous. I got it (Sweetex) for $78. You can also get at cake decorating stores check with them too.
They do say when you overmix your bc it creates bubbles and maybe that was your prob.
I have to agree I had same problem and the dam did the trick but yes let it sit for a bit and even putting it in the fridge after you put your stiff dam works even better. Try using sugarshacks bc recipe, it holds up very good and is really smooth.
You can try making a jersey cake and just add the baseball on top of the shirt, I think it would be nice. Pretty sure you'll find a ton of pictures on here or just google images and...voila you'll see them and get inspired.
Ok as I am reading this awesome recipe on the forum of dulce de leche and this other cake I'm scrolling down and see a bunch of cockroaches running on the left side of my killed my cake fantasy moment. lol Maybe it's time we changed the Orkin ad. lol That was too funny, just had to share it.
I could imagine it taste good because of the heavy cream. Mmmm have to try it.
Here's a video that will help, I love her work she's awesome. It's always nice to see someone do it than to explain it. Hope it works!
I just did 150 cupcakes and used a full sheet cake box with the board and arranged them all in 2 boxes and delivered them in one peice thank God. If you arrange them with a bit of space in between in case they do move around they shouldn't get messed up. But it was the cheapest way to go. But you really need the full sheet board for stability. You can even out a little dab of bc on the bottom before you put on board to avoid shifting. Good luck!
Thanks ladies I don't ue Crisco but was under the impression that all high ratio works the same just wanted some feedback so I guess I will give it a try and keep my fingers crossed.
So just a week ago I went to cash n carry because where I live it's the only place that carries Sweetex to my surprise it has gone up in price like $25 in just a year. So I am considering getting Bake Mark Hi Ratio fro CK Products. Has anyone tried it and can you tell me if you like it and if it compares to Sweetex? Thanks and sorry for sounding cheap but I really want to know the difference.
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