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I agree with everyone, I quoted her $2 and that's way  to expensive, lol; she'll get back to me.  I was out of work for almost two years after leaving cake shop, so the extra $ could come in handy, but I've already been there, done that in the beginning and sooooo regretted it.  Perhaps if I wasn't working now, i would consider it because it would have been a little something coming in when I had more free time, but now with  little free time, working overtime for...
lol, Oh yes, just the thought of making 300 of the same thing makes me want to pull my hair out. Even though I was telling myself that $1 is fair, the amount of time it's going to take keeps gnawing at me and I know I'll be cursing myself after the first few.  I'd love to tell her $3 per, but I know she'll never go for it because "supposedly" she's giving them away at some kind of event.  I definitely agree, $1 is too low now to figure out price between $1 & $3.  Thanks...
I've been asked to make 300 film reel cake toppers, the client is supplying the fondant.  I think that $1 a piece is fair for the time that I'll have to spend on them after working 9 to 5 in a bakery all day.  Do you think that's fair, too high, low?  I'd love to get your thoughts.  Thanks.
Thank you! That was simple enough, duh. That was actually the only other way I thought to make it, but I told myself no, I needed a harder way for some reason. Your bails look great and doing it that way will work for what I'm doing, and you cakes are great too!
I can't for the life of me think of how to make it besides using shredded wheat but I'd like to use fondant or gum paste. I made one attempt already and it looks a mess. Any ideas would be so, so appreciated.
I just recently made filled cake balls by freezing the filling and then pushing the frozen filling into a rolled cake ball. It worked out great.
The strap could have been made off the cake and then stuck on with royal icing. It definitely was wrapped around something to hold that form.
Luster dust takes to chocolate very nicely. Here are some cake balls I made using luster dust.
You should be able to take the sole from any of the sneaker templates that are on cc and begin with that. then count the number of pieces the Van sneaker has and free hand them. If you try this and need some help let me know. Good luck I'm sure it will come out great.
Vanilla bean smbc, raspberry smbc, chocolate smbc, chocolate ganche, and believe it or not peanut butter goes really nice with red velvet is you use cocoa powder in your red velvet recipe.
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