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It's the pastry fillings sold in clear sleeves in cake supply shops or online. I bought one of the Bavarian flavor to try, and it tastes like grocery store Boston Cream filling, but no ingredients were listed. I prefer the fresh dairy ingredients myself
For a pretty standard 1-thick layer sheet cake, iced in BC with borders, writing, and a few flowers I would ask $60 minimum. But with a double layer filled, all the hand-cutting of the letters, and all that fondant you used? DEFINITELY $85-90!!
I've used mini chips in my batter and they sank to the bottom, but still within the cake (not stuck to the bottom). I'm thinking it might have to do with the actual cake recipe. Because they don't sink in muffins, maybe the cake mixes and cake flour recipes are too light to hold the chips. Who knows!!
Ditto! I've had just a few customer issues, but since most of my orders are shipped, and I go over details thoroughly in written emails, there isn't much question regarding flavors or design. When the shipped order has been ruined or melted, we look into why and if it's me or the post office's error. I think if you're willing to work it out with the customer and clearly state your policies from the start, you won't have many issues. To ease all the emotions I have from...
Since most of my local orders are discussed via email, they like to pay through Paypal or sometimes cash on delivery (if I know them), so no bank account or credit card numbers are given and no checks to take to the bank (time is money!!). When someone signs up for a Paypal account, they have their bank account and credit card numbers on file, and can choose which they want to use for each purchase. PP is just the go-between. This is important for security reasons, for... is a great chart showing Ateco's tips and their piping end dimensions
Because of the shine on the buttercream, I would say it's not a crusting BC. It looks like my Swiss Meringue BC or another cooked variety. As for the tip, I have several very large Ateco brand tips that I purchased in my restaurant supply store. The largest round tip I've found is the Ateco 809. The piping end is 3/4" wide, height is 2", and the base that goes in the bag is almost 1.5" wide! It's great for cutting out polka-dots, too!! I love Ateco as they are...
The majority of my business is also cookies, in addition to chocolate work and other baked items. I keep all my orders clipped together by week, and the last clip has all the "long distance" orders (time-wise). I will spread the coming week's orders out individually on my order board each Friday so I can see what needs to be done and make my grocery list.BUT, I've also learned to keep an eye on the orders coming up 2 weeks out -if I need to special order anything, or...
My best practice "tools" is my DVD collection! I have TONS -from flower making by Nicholas Lodge, to smoothing buttercream and applying fondant by Sharon Zambito or Jennifer Dontz. They are priceless, and can teach you a lot so you don't practice using incorrect methods. I think this will be very helpful to you, and possibly save a lot of frustration during your practice time.
I buy vanilla bean paste, which I use in my "vanilla bean" cakes and icings. You measure it the same as vanilla in a recipe, but it's got the added vanilla bean specks in it. You can find it at many food stores, Williams-Sonoma, Whole Foods, etc. Even my local neighborhood candy/nut shop carries it. HTH
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