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Here is a guideline. This recipie is wonderful and explains how to use the simple syrup and how to change it up a bit.
I have used this recipie, Chocolate Syrup Frosting. I think I have seen Hersheys syrup in dark chocolate in the store. That might give you the color. Also it is not buttercream. I does crust somewhat. It is a fantastic frosting and I highly recommend it.
Sorry that happened to you. But, yes, Royal is like cement. I use it to put my gingerbread houses together and they adhere in literally a minute or so. Not a pleasant "icing." I believe it is used for intricate lace work and special projects. Just chalk it up to experience and know that your cake was beautiful.
I did use the Hershey brand of chocolate syrup. If you have a high quality equal product there, I'd try it. Good luck, I am sure it will be delicious.
Use vodka as a medium for the paste food coloring. Also can be used with the powdered silver, gold, coppers etc. I prefer vodka over the lemon extract because I think the lemon is bitter. Try it out on some unused fondant to get the feel of it.
I really like this one. It is very good and easy. It does not crust.
I think you do have talent and your "friend" is jealous. Friends like that, you don't need. Keep up the cake biz, you're doing fine.
Opps....that was to TracyLH. Sorry I forgot to mention that.
I took a look at your photos...Your cookies are absolutely beautiful! I haven't seen any look better. Excellent job!
Ok, now for one step beyond grossing out........When I had my infant son, the nurses would suggest using crisco grease as a "moisturiser" for a certain part of the female anatomy that got worn out by hungry babies....No further explanation necessary (my apologies to the men out there.)
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