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So, I would make ganache and put it on, whip it and spatula it on to get the color difference and the swirl look?
      How did they get this look?
Thanks for the info. I will pm you and check out her site. Gixx, they also work at Quad sometimes, if you don't mind I will keep you in mind. 
If this is the wrong place to post, I apologize. But my daughter works out of town and every time there is a birthday they go to the grocery store to purchase a cake. I told her I would rather her purchase from an individual than a grocery store. They don't buy a ton of cakes, but a few here and there and the cakes are nothing special.
I kinda figured I didn't want to use real, but you never know. Thank you for the replies.
Need to do a cake with some twigs sticking out of it, do you use real twigs cleaned or make them? If so, how? 
Thank You so much!
I found the link on here for making snowflakes from royal icing but it gives me an error and wont open up. Can someone please tell me how to make them and a recipe for thick ri?I know bad time of the year. But thats the order.
Thank You So Much for answering my question. I think I might try to finish them tonight. Thanks
I have a cake for Sat and Sunday. Can I put the ei on the one for Sunday on Saturday? How about tonight? Not sure how far in advance you place and ei onto a cake and let it sit.Thanks
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