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I meant to say it would not have the monogram
This cake?  It would have the monogram. Just wondering how to stack and dowel this considering the tiers with gumpaste flowers. Thanks!
Hi all , I made a batch of Michele Fosters Fondant on Monday, hoping to use it today. I followed the recipe to a t, even did research on it before I started, read the do's and dont's, it seemed to turn out fine. I let it rest overnight. It was nice and soft, felt like fondant, tastes awesome, but it is kind of crumbly, it seems fine and smooth when kneading it, but when I fold in half to keep kneading, it crumbles and tears. If make it into a ball, nice and smooth, when...
Thank you guys!
  How much would a cake like this cost?? Mainly confused because of the amount of sugar flowers. I have no clue what to charge.
Does anyone know how to get creases out of The Mat??? I can't use it as is. I used it once, rolled it up, put it in the tube and not it has creases that won't flatten. Thanks for any help!
I had this problem the other night. It was the first time I used satin ice. I didn't know what to do! I usually use Wilton fondant and it never happened with Wilton. Maybe because its a drier fondant.
Oh thank goodness! Thanks so much for the quick responses!!
Hi there, I have a question for you guys. Do you think a 6" and a 10" would look weird stacked? I'm making a cake for my daughter this weekend and I just took the cakes out and the size difference is more than I thought. They will both be covered in fondant. I don't need enough cske for an 8" ( or any cake mix left!) but I could bake one if you all think a 6 and a 10 is way weird. Any advice would be sooooo appreciated!
Hi Guys, Was wondering if anyone had advice on how to transport 100 cupcakes about 30 min away. Obviously want to make sure they don't squish . They are for my nieces sweet 16. I'll be putting them on a tower and completing them with some toppers there. Any advice? Thanks in advance!
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