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Well, I never made an airplane but it seems to me that the most important is to make a good carving cake and then a good crumbcoat. Then the rest comes easier.The winds could be flat on the tray, if not, I think a spetial stand had to be made for it...
I love all your tutorials! Thanks for this new one!
I read once that a crusting buttercream has to have 4 X the weight of the fat in sugar.For instance, for 100g of butter, 400g of sugar. The rest of ingredients may vary... But I have seen that 3 X is enough to make it crust.
I have been learning by myself to decorate too. Though I haven't posted any photos of fondant here, I have done several.It is better to put a layer of buttercream under the fondant (ganache is very good too).About the fondant I think that marshmallow fondant is very easy to make at home and very easy to use too.
My guess would be 4 layers of very thin fondant, that have been rolled by the pin together again... Then the trees painted...
Thanks for posting this, and for letting me know too!
I make them myself with cardboard and foil.Or do you mean this kind ofseparators?
LOL LOL Well, I agree Great job! Thanks for sharing!
Chocolate mixes (with a high ratio of chocolate on it) last for a loooong time.Never worry for them
It only works for me when I fill it almost all, use pound cake, and it overflows. Otherwise, it won't stand. I trim the base when it's completely cold. That way I know it will stand.
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