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I tried to make the silver around the flowers. Every time they were to big, and not looking great around the sunflowers. The bride bought a topper with crystal's in it so talked to the bride and we came up with crystal's on wire to look like dew drops. This is the final cake. Thanks for all your help.
I just would like you to know that the wedding was today and they LOVED IT!!!!! I can not thank you enough for your help and helping me make a picky bride so happy. The cake was just so great, so many people commented on the cake. Thanks again!!!! Denise
This is just to say thank you so much for this recipe!!! It is great and my family loves it!! I am making this recipe for the wedding and White Chocolate Frosting. Thanks again for sharing.
Can you please tell me if this can be cooked in round pans. I have a bride that has asked for every tier to be this flavor and find that my recipe is great but not good for a large pan. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe and I can not wait to try this for my family. We love banana bread. 
  I have a question about the flavoring. The question that I have is about the coffee syrup's. Can I add the coffee syrups to WASC recipe for a banana nut cake and also to the my frosting?   This company has 2 flavoring that I would like to buy asap if someone could help me.
Ok, thank you so much! I will give it a try this week.
Need help with up coming wedding cake. The cake is for 100 people and bride has asked for Banana Nut Bread. The problem that I have is my recipe is for loaf pans and take a long time to cook. Does anyone know if I could make Banana Cake with nuts in place of the Banana Nut Bread it taste about the same? If someone has a recipe for a much easier Banana Nut Bread Recipe that would be great!!!! Thanks for the help in advace. Also the icing will be White Chocolate Frosting.
That is a great idea will have to try it. I wonder if that would work better with the fondant pearls that I am making. Thanks again for the help. Hope you have a great day.
Thank you. I am sure going to try that also. I thank you so much for your help. Hope you have a great day. Thanks again
Thank you so much. I will go check it out and see what I can come up with.    I agree with the comment on these silver things. I do not like them but it is what the bride wants. I have tried to change her mind but she likes this cake. Thanks again for the help. Hope you are both having a great day.
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