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I was away from Cake Central for a while and now I am having trouble with some of the new features. Can someone please tell me how to print a recipe? I cannot find a printer icon, and I'm sure it's right there under my nose. Thank you.
A letter-writing (not e-mail, but real mail) campaign is an excellent idea. I think the big companies will pay more attention to people who actually take the time to write letters. The squeaky wheel........
The Fudge Chronicles, 2012.I decided to try again. This is one very expensive experiment. The fudge hardened in the bottom of the saucepan, and I had to add water and boil the mass until I could remove it. Then Brillo, Brillo, Brillo.I just bought the digital thermometer that someone recommended earlier in this thread, but I haven't used it yet. Today is damp and rainy...guess I'll have to wait for a better fudge-making day. Some of you have said the weather doesn't...
Those people are neither "friends" nor "customers".
Please re-send emails for digital copies of magazine already sent. I lost links.Thank you so much. recipe is great. (I reduce the lemon juice a bit.) However, you said you cannot get cornstarch. I googled "substitute for cornstarch" and found that you could use flour, potato starch, rice starch, arrowroot or tapioca: don't know how well those things would work in the recipe, but the ingredients are not that expensive, so maybe you could...
I can have it ready in 10.
"Felicitations and Congratulations on your Stunning Accomplishment, Constantinople"
I've said it this stage of the game, one of the main reasons I go to weddings is TO EAT WEDDING CAKE. And, of course, to offer good wishes to the happy couple.I DO NOT need another picture frame, tiny basket of something, silver doodad, or useless trinket, which automatically goes to the youngest child in our extended family. Save money on favors--buy a great cake! And buy enough for everyone!
I also add some yellow or gold sanding sugar to the cookie crumbs for sand-like sparkle.
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