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Posts by pajnpis while back walmart and my local grocery store used to sell these but now, they're nowhere to be found Anyone know any recipe(s) to make this cake or close enough?Would greatly appreciate it!!![/img]
Thanks to this thread that I was able to make peppermint cake balls for my husband company pot luck last year for Christmas. They were a big hit... Instead of regular chocolate, I use chocolate mint chips for the coating.
I use NFSC and Antonia74 Royal Icing. Been using Antonia74 Royal Icing for sugar cookie since. I don't have any picture of my cookies since right when I have my camera ready, they've been eaten already.
best if you roll them out or cut into the whatever you want and then refrigerate it for an hour. Easier that way...
The reason I found out early was because I was looking at the black friday ads scan online and Michael was one of them.
I also use the orginal wasc recipe and loved it! If you're unsure, you should try that recipe.
if you can wait till next friday, the 26th, they have a coupon for 30% off everything including sales item! might be in this sunday paper too....and also another coupon on saturday...
I don't know how long this can last outside of the fridge but I know a good strawberry filling. I use heavy whipping cream and add 1 tablespoon of powder sugar. If strawberry's really tart, you just add more powder sugar. whip it till soft peak and fold in fresh cut strawberry.
does anyone know the icing recipe to it? or something similar to it?
I prefer to use mint extract. It goes really good with chocolate although I haven't tried peppermint yet
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