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Hi chantilly, congratulations on your success, and if you don't mind would you be so kind and share you recipe , thanks Best regards Galyna Harb Australia
At Woolies
I got it to work too
Hi Croxholden, I'm Australian too, could you please tell me where can I buy Pavlova Magic and, how much you put into the recipe instead of 1/4 tsp meringue powder/egg white powder?  Thanks
Originally Posted by DawnEdwards  Hi I have a home made sugar veil recipe!  You can increase the amount of ingredients if you need more of it. Here goes.. 1 Tbsp Tylose 1/4 cup BOILING Water 1Tbsp confectioner sugar 2 level tbsp corn starch 1/4 tsp meringue powder/egg white powder 1/2 tsp. corn syrup Pinch of white icing color or one of your choice color Add Tylose to boiling water and with a small fork mix until you get a clear mixture. When mix is clear, add...
I'm going to try this!  thank you  :)
Super Mario Cake Topper!/media/set/?set=a.362364857160086.83126.270632569666649&type=3MINI-CAKE tutorial!/media/set/?set=a.335228213207084.80019.270632569666649&type=3
one more 3d SPIDERMANTutorial
Polymer Clay BabyTutorial to Sculpt a Face in Polymer Clay to make a soccer ball cake to guides's...
Hi everyone. Awesome 3d Spiderman, tutorial: A 3D Bust Cake: Spideman thaTank Engine tutorial to Make a Car Cake
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