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I find that using Almond Bark chocolate (I buy it at Walmart .... it's cheaper than Wilton Melts too!) works like a dream,
I gave up on Wilton candy melts. I only use Almond Bark. Never have a problem.
Hi all,Well, I finished my cake with the Faux IMBC recipe. I found the icing tasty enough but nothing that wow'ed me. My husband really liked it though!Working with it is a lot like regular buttercream. It crusts. It works as an icing dam. Actually, I found it much easier to smooth and definitely much easier to clean up than buttercream.Hope this helps!
Yes, the recipe is on CC. Just search for IMBC and you'll find it!
Can I use it to make a filling dam?
Hi,I'm going to try the recipe for Fabulous Faux IMBC today. Can I crumb coat with this icing?Will it crust?I am so looking forward to seeing how it tastes, but I also have no idea what to expect from its texture!Thanks for any help!
Thanks for the quick replies. I used the pan today and made two doctored mixes and found I had just a little left over (so I think you were all right on target!)I will have to wait to see how it looks when cut to determine how well the pans worked for me.Thanks again!
Can anyone tell me how much cake mix I'll need to fill the Wilton Checkboard pan?I usually work with a doctored mix.Thanks!
Another option is to use NO icing when making the cake balls. I find that if I wait until the cake has cooled to be just comfortable to the touch before I start forming it into cake balls, no icing at all is required.Hope this helps!
Thank you for your kind replies!
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