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i also made a batch and it was so oily, it did taste good, but i hac to throw it i have never tried making mmf, maybe i will give it a try, question can i use mmf to make flowers like the regular fondant?
are there any tutorials on how to make buttercream roses, i have tried making them and either the leaves are torn or the flower wilts and looks ugly i am supposed to make some for a cake this week-end and i can't seem to get it right. any help is apprieciated
can an impression mat be used on buttercream iced cake? i have seen cakes with the impressions on them but how easy would it be? please help me i need to make a wedding cake for march and she wants impressions (diamond type).
does any one have instructions on making a turkey cake that actually looks like a cooked turkey? please help i need to make one for thanksgiving and i have seen it but i don't know where to start?
thank you for sharing this i always wanted to try this and now i can what type of fondant would be good on this cake ?
i say the same stick to your guns, if the bride was tasting she should have said something then, not the groom.
i have never cut a stacked tier cake, and i need help what do i place in between tiers so that the icing does not come off when i remove a top tier? need advice or tutorial on cutting a cake, thanks.
when stacking a cake upon a cake and you place wooden sticks does the icing from the layer the top tier is going to be cut does the icing from the bottom tier come off as you lift the top tier off?
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