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I am a subscriber and never received this email....
Mine are usually pretty big, I use the 1 1/2 table spoon ice cream scoop and they come out pretty good. I also use the 6 in sticks because I think those are the easiest to display and allow for drying time without falling all over each other! =) They are about 2-3 bites to eat. HTH!
The one time I made flames I used a leaf tip with yellow and red icing in the bag at the same time. I just pulled straight up. They came out great, unfortunatley, I dont' have a pic of that cake...
The price for the Abby Cadabby cake should be $0.00. You do not have the legal authority to sell a cake with a character that is copywritten by someone else. Does that help? I gave you a straight answer to your direct question.
I was thinking of trying to use for help with that. Maybe you should look at what they offer. My understanding is they do that for you and make sure it's all correct.
According to your pharmacist, what is Anhydrous? Is it a different chemical that makes it not food safe? Or does that just mean it doesn't have water, which wouldn't affect it's food safe-ness. Not trying to start a fight, just playing devils advocate. Wouldn't it be better for you if you found out you could use the larger bottle and save some money for the same product?
Do does that mean it's still food safe?
Are you sure that anhydrous was the other ingredient? I looked it up and that word means "without water" –adjective Chemistry .with all water removed, esp. water of crystallization.Just curious, everything I have read says that if you can buy the glycerine in a market, it's food safe. If you need a special permit and buy it in barrel, it's not the food safe kind. I have purchased the kind at walmart and used it with no ill effects.
In California it would be a business if you took any money. Regardless if it just covers your ingredients. They don't care if you don't make a profit. If you want to get experience make cakes for friends and give them away. Or make dummy cakes for photos and re-do as a new idea strikes you =) I'm in California too and it sucks... Luckily I have 2 kids with lots of friends and a neighborhood full of kids that I make cakes for...Good Luck!
Wait, those prices are for me? I thought those were for "other" people. I'm special. I want my pricing please...
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