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i guess ( as i always do), you just have to price it basing on what you put into it. but dont forget, as others say they dont turn on their ovens for just a pound profit.
thanks! will i be using the same proportion or same amount of liquid glucose like that of corn syrup as suggested by wilton classes thru Diane as posted?
thanks for the quick help! i will definitely try kids dont like fondant cover. they like icing which they can stick their fingers and lick them...yummm! but...any alternative to corn syrup? is it an important ingredient? i cant find it here in u.k.
hello! does anybody know about the recipe of a cake cover using that white creamy fluffy icing that flows and easy to manage.its definitely not buttercream. they said they use eggwhites and boiled sugar???i want that recipe please helllppp!!!
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