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Thanks for the help.  I will let you know how it goes.
Has anyone made one?  I am concerned about timing/delivery/serving.  also I have no idea how to price this.  They want around 200 pieces in it....thinking about making two instead of one big one.  thoughts?
I just did a similar cake.  I am in the mid-west and I charged $6.00 per serving, but we are lower than alot of other areas of the country.  You do not tip the cake upside down to decorate, you simply start at the top and work your way down to the bottome of each tier.
10 X means how many times the powdered sugar was sifted.  It is a finer, silkier sugar.  Many sugars are 6X, meaning 6 times sifted.
I always ask how the cake is going to be served.  Many places in my city take the cake back to the kitchen and cut, plate it, then serve it to each guest.  Then you need a piece for everyone.  If the cake is cut and served on a sweet table, then guests come up and get their own piece.  Not everyone will take a piece of cake.   For graduation open houses, so many people go to several open houses the same day, they usually don't eat cake at every house!
Thanks folks!
That is a cake from my mobile cake website.  They were buttercream and you were given great directions!
I would highly recommend you get a job in a bakery decorating cakes.  You need alot more experience before you tackle opening your own business. Not only will you learn more skills, you will have the opportunity to see if this is really something you want to do for an extened period of time, learn what it takes to run a business, learn some do's and don'ts, and gain the speed and style you need to be a competitive business owner.  You are young and have  plenty of years...
Just to qualify....we do an enormous amount of gumpaste work here. Thanks for your help everyone!
I bought disco dust in a 1 pound bag and it is just about gone.  My employees complained when they started using it because there was a filler in it and the dust was not nearly as sparkly?  We are about out and am wanting to find another source. I bought the pound from CK.  Any thoughts?
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