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Hi all, any pointers on how how to do such a cake ? Is it bc or ri ? Make before and place or opposite ? Tia
thanks dear, did exactly that, was a success, thanks ;)
Hi everyone, Can you guys share any pointers on how to do a mannequin topper such that the dress appears on the stand? something like these   I am planning to attach a small cake board on the dowel rod and then make the everything out of gumpaste over it, will that work?   Any help is greatly appreciated.
anyone??? noone (
Dear all, I live making strawberry buttercream with frozen strawberry purée n normal American buttercream ? How lo v can it stay outside if say room temperature of abt 35 C ? Does it needs refrigeration ? Strawberry bc MADD with jam of preserves is too sweet did my liking , thanks in advancx
Hi everyone.Attached are two pics n here are two questions:1. how can i get these bright shiny polka dots in pic 2?? i want to pipe them over fondant2. how to go about polka dots on the loopy bow, make the bow and then pipe on it?Thanks in advance
no replies?
Hi all,Good day everyone. I reside in Middle East and originally from Pakistan. I took one wilton course but from thereon i am self taught. Thanks to this site and helpful members here. I am doing well in small home based business. I am travelling to USA next month, i would appreciate if you guys could share your experience on what classes/courses i should take to enhance my skills. I will be in California, Mountain house so anyone from that area can guide me about the...
great, will just pop it in freezer, was feeling so bad for making loads extra of this expensive cream cheese. Ok i was wondering which recipe do you use for cream cheese frosting, any pointers? Thanks alot
hi, i have two questions, 1. i have small butter lumps in my cream cheese frosting, apparently it didnt beat well, how can i fix it?2. can i freeze cream cheese frosting for a month?Thanks
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