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Thanks so much for the idea!  It is not a cake we are looking forward to but a family friend has her heart set on it. I am sure you know that situation!   Thanks again.
Was planning to use the coarse sugar and mix it with the mother of pearl or white glitter.
10, 8, and 6 inch rounds.
How do I determine how much edible glitter I need for a cake.  We have never done a cake totally covered before and I have no idea how much we need.  Can anyone offer any advice?
If you have any type of tape just fold it over into a loop. Put on the back of the ribbon and stick it to the ribbon where it is overlapped. To keep it from pulling apart you can also tape the loop down on the side furtherst from the edge.
We use either plain scotch tape or double sided scotch tape. We overlap just enough for the tape. You can cut it to the length that you need and it's easily removed when you are ready to cut. You don't have to worry about anything bleeding through and there is no mess when you take it off or any pin to worry about being left in the cake!
I think you are right on track with covering and then adding the cut out squares. Your lines will be perfectly straight if you use a cutter and it would look much better. That is what I would do.
I am trying to help a friend with her wedding plans in penscola. She is gettting married in June and has decided (with my insistance) not to try to transport her wedding cake from Arkansas! She is stressing over the idea of my husband not making her cake but I cannot imagine the car ride in the middle of June! If anyone is loacted in that area can you please contact me. They are planning on approx. 100 guests. Don't know if she has any plans for a grooms cake at this...
Well....never did hear from the little bride. BUT>>>>> she actually filed a complaint with the BBB. I am in the strong mindset to take a hit if they side with her. There was nothing wrong with her cake and I feel that I don't owe her anything. Will keep you posted. I tried again to post the pic but can't get it to upload. I keep getting an error message.
UPDATE: She has not responded to me since I emailed her back! Anyone suprised?T
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