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On Amazing Wedding Cakes, Mike McCreary used fondant shaped into a cone, and cut like half-inch slits at at upward angle all over it
How do they go about attaching part to part? Like head to body, jeans on legs, etc?
I bought some of Aine2's online tutorials...what a great tip...thanks )
Wow.. I thought I would get emails of forum replies and I haven't gotten anything, but here you all are, to help!!! Thank you!
HELP me...I want to do a model of my 16 year old for her Sweet 16 cake...I need tutorials, or instruction? Do I use fondant or modelling chocolate? I know nothing...any help is appreciated!
Taylor Made Treats...DEFINITELY the freezer is the issue. I have only done the freezer-to-fondant thing once....SWEAT like crazy. Does not happen with refridgeration temp is so much easier, I wish there was a hard and fast rule about that and safety (
Mamawrobin and sugarshack, PLEASE PLEASE direct me to a few non-perishable fillings you like? I LOVE Warren Brown's (Cakelove) IMBC, it contains the cooked egg whites so I assume not non-perishable. Have not been able to find a tried-and-true, please help!
Please, does anyone have good direction on making gumpaste lilacs )
Yes! Please share a good nutella recipe )
Cricut from$299 delivered!
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