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I don't know much but I think your cake looks great and when pricing out how much to charge I think you should account how many hours of labor you put in...for example charging 5-10 dollars an hour....what is your time worth? And how big the cake is.Also maybe you could buy little dora toys or print dora pics and put them on. I'm not sure. Or you could make MMF characters Hope that helped some. Keep up the good work
Dah Here is a link that would make it easier
The final cake was a flop I put it off and put it off and ran out of time in the end, Using 8 inch instead of 6 inch pans was a huge mistake, although I didn't like it, the kids loved it and were so excited!! His reaction and joy made all worth it for sure. I can't figure out how to post it on here but its in with my pics.THANKS to all for helping me brainstorm when I was at a loss.
Defiantly will post how ever his cake turns out. Even if its a flop I really liked the skateboarding cake but he loves loves star wars so I am going that direction.
Wow thanks so much to all for your ideas !!!! Especially 7yyrt your awesome to send that paint pic. I felt like I was looking for a needle in a haystack doing search after search. Great suggestion though I will talk to him more and his mom to get more direction.
One of my good friends is a single mom of 5 her son is having a birthday, they have been through a lot the past few years and I volunteered to make him a cake. I have no ideas though...he will be 12 what do kids that age like? He likes to ride bikes, play computer games, and toss around a football. He is so amazing to help take care of his sibs, and I think he deserves an awesome cake. But what?? Ideas Welcome
I don't know about sweet dreams, but I want the recipe, those look great!! I wanna try it especially if its better.
So I post this question about chocolate MMF also in "Cake Disasters" here on cc and this awesome person suggested to try this out quote" The recipe is here on cc, go to recipes and type in chocolate mmf. The recipe is Rhonda's Ultimate chocolate mmf."Says it always works for them. I'm excited to try it!!!
Hooray!!! I can't wait to try out this recipe, and decorate some cake!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR ADVISE AND HELP !!! YOUR AWESOME!!
OH thanks so much I'll try that recipe next time, did you find it on this site? I've been looking around and can't see it. DuH. Sorry.What is the link to the recipe?
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