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I'm going to try my hand at ballet slippers in the next couple of weeks. How did yours turn out? Can you give me any pointers?! I have the template, but not feeling very confident :-/. Thanks!
I'm not very good at coming up w/ ideas for cakes, but just the other day, I saw a "double duty" wedding cake. It was a bride and groom cake in one. Very unique idea and I tho't it was cute. It may work for this, as well. I'm interested in seeing what some of the pro's say.....Good luck!!!
wow...I've never heard of it. Thanks!
Can someone help me figure out how to get an off white or antique white fondant? I'm going to use regular vanilla, but I don't think that will get it to the shade I'd like.
Yes, it does help...Thanks for sharing! I may just go w/ the jam...
I was wondering if anyone has used raspberry pie filling for cake filling. If so, did it taste good? And did it seep into the cake? seems normal in every way, so yea, I don't have to make more!!
can anyone tell me how long fondant lasts? I have some that I made 2 months ago, and it's been wrapped tightly in Saran wrap, sealed in a ziplock bag and in a Tupperware container. Should I throw it out or would it be safe to use it this week? Thanks for any suggestions!
can candy clay be attached to RKT directly, or do I need to coat the RKT w/ some type of "glue" first? If it can't go directly onto the RKT, what type of adhesive should I use? Thanks!
Thanks you!!
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